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3 Helpful Tips to Find an Inmate Using Inmate Locator

Are you trying to find an inmate who is your relative but behind the bars for a long time? Or, are you just simply doing a research on an inmate to publish a paper? Whichever the case be, getting access to prisoner’s information is a daunting task. You might not know where and how to start your search. Also, searching an inmate can be bothersome if you do not have all the relevant information in front of you.


If you are interested in learning what to do to make a quick online inmate search before attempting to find prisoners, then here is quick information to help you get started.

  1. Begin Your Inmate Search By Entering Correct Names

The first and foremost thing to find an inmate is to enter correct name and spelling of prisoners. Entering wrong or misspelled spelling could result in irrelevant results that you might not be interested in. Make sure you have the correct and complete spelling of the names of the inmates to locate prisoners without making it complicated. Without accurate input, the search results could not hit the right notes. Additionally, you should also put their surnames to narrow down your results.

  1. Put The Name of the Facility if You Know

Next, you need to know where they are locked up. If you do not know, you can always search the court records. Or, more simply, you can look up their name on the inmate locator and simply write the word, arrest, to see if similar results by their name show up in the records. Even if they have a single short time arrest, it will be displayed on the website and you could extract the details from there.

  1. Enter State Name For Narrowing Search

Once you at least get to know the name of the state where they were convicted in, then the search becomes even easier. You may visit the website of DOC or go for a free inmate search locator that offers free inmate search for your convenience. However, be careful as some of these sites that claim to be free at first but make you pay hefty charges later to reveal the results. Also, you should never have to provide your personal information when trying to find an inmate on the website. It is not at all necessary because it is public information that doesn’t need to store your personal details.




Following these tips will help you to find an inmate easier. However, the point of concern is to input the correct information that has correct spellings of birth date, inmate name, surname and state where he has been convicted. Putting these major details helps make the search narrowed to the desired results. Or else, you will keep flipping the pages to search the inmate after the search results. Input accurate data and make your search yield great results.


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